Gaza still lacking proper healthcare

GAZA - Medical supplies, proper hospital equipment as well as doctors are still lacking in the Gaza city, head of emergency service of Al-Shifa' Hospital, Dr Ayman Asahabani said.

He said during a normal day, on an average, there were about 500 patients coming in and out of the hospital, and the number went up to 700 a day on the recent eight-day attack by the Israelis.

"We were out of medicine stock during the attack, and with the number of patients now, there are just not enough medical supply," he said.

For the emergency unit, he said the hospital had only 12 beds, four doctors as well as nurses every shift and the beds in the emergency unit in the hospital were in need of repairs.

Meanwhile, 1Malaysia Putera Club (KP1M) humanitarian mission head of the medical team Datuk Dr Alwi Abdul Rahman said the team needed about RM5 million more to supply sufficient medication.

Dr Alwi, who is also head of the Emergency Unit in Hospital Selayang, Selangor hopes that the people in Malaysia could ease the financial burden through donations, so that the wounded victims and those suffering from diseases, here, could be well treated.

Source: Bernama

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