The Melorita Healthcare Group: Improving quality healthcare delivery and services

THE general health and well being of a population is greatly dependant on what is conventionally regarded as healthcare. Healthcare systems throughout the world endeavour to provide an array of services which include diagnostics, remedial and therapeutic assistance. Healthcare service also integrates the recruitment, education of medical, nursing and other allied health professionals and also the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

Malaysia’s two-tiered healthcare system enables mutual co-operation from the government and private healthcare sectors. The co-existence of these two sectors to provide aid to the population has ensured the overall efficiency of healthcare standards and practices in Malaysia. The country places importance on the refurbishment and expansion into the development of the healthcare industry and has in recent years begun to expand its foreign relations into the healthcare sector in healthcare recruitment, tourism and education.

One such firm that has been essential in extending its healthcare services to the local and international sector for over 35 years is the Melorita Healthcare Group. Since its inception in 1977, the group has pioneered Malaysia’s international relations in the healthcare industry by recruiting and providing opportunities for Malaysian professional’s to expand their skills and enhance professionalism via the group’s three foundations, which lie in human capital, healthcare services and education.

Healthcare Recruitment Specialists
Recognized as the region’s foremost healthcare recruitment company, Melorita Healthcare Group is the pinnacle of healthcare recruitment services. The group represents numerous clients across the Middle East, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei in recruiting healthcare professionals and also in providing recruits within the medical and wellness professions. The group is centred on providing healthcare talents from the varying healthcare professions into placement of the appropriate institutions, states the group CEO and managing director, Mr. Armand Abdullah.

Melorita’s recruitment service is continually expanding its scope of services and has developed to include a variety of recruitment services that extend to international recruitment, repatriation & relocation services and staffing of local professionals. Melorita also provides healthcare consultancy, training and professional development programs for healthcare professionals.

The group accepts applicants for recruitment based on flexible criteria that is dependent upon the profession of an applicant and the relevance of the applicant’s qualifications. This is to enable employment opportunities for all healthcare professionals and as stated by Mr. Armand, and it is a significant mission of the company.

Healthcare talents may apply on the Melorita Healthcare Recruitment Specialist website for recruitment. Employers who are interested in staffing their institutions may also rely on Melorita’s recruitment services to supply the demand for healthcare professionals based on their respective requirements.

Applicants may choose a permanent or contract recruitment based on their professional needs. Contract-based recruitment may last typically for a year and may entail the relocation of the applicant to the Middle East or other nations that work in a collaborative effort with the group. Upon completion of a contract, the applicant may chose to be relocated elsewhere within a specified region. Relocation to the Middle East is not exclusive to only contract applicants and is also available to permanent applicants. According to Mr. Armand, prior to relocation, all applicants will have to attend an orientation program to enable a smoother transition to adapt to the new culture.

Healthcare at Home
Melorita believes in holistic care and complete recovery of a patient through the implementation of home care to ensure the needs of a patient are met. The group is focused on providing solutions to those in needs and highlights the importance of issues such as affordability, convenience, transparency and essentially to maintain and return the quality of life to patients and their families. Melorita Home Health (MHH) provides nursing and rehabilitation services to patients at their convenience whilst still within the comfort of their own homes.

With recruitment resources, the Melorita Healthcare Group established MHH in order to provide patients with the best nurses and healthcare staff in the country. MHH encompasses more than nursing and rehabilitation services and alsoextends its service to geriatric aid. Furthermore, the group assures the quality of their home care services by providing nurses sourced from the best institutions. said Mr. Armand. Each nurse recruited into the MHH program will also have access to training in home healthcare via the group’s education and training facility.

Quality standards are evaluated frequently to ensure that the patients are receiving optimal care. Clinical resource nurses make site visits to client’s homes to observe the nurses and the standard of care being provided. This process also enables the evaluation of the skills of the nurse on duty and the relevant educational follow-up after an assessment has been made, states Mr. Armand. Each type of home care service provided begins with an inquiry process. After the inquiry has been made and initial assessment will follow, a site visit will be arranged to determine the level of care required by the patient.

The cost of a service is determined by the duration of time a patient will require for the type or types of home care. Based on the final assessment of services that a patient may require, a care plan package will be devised to be put into action. Once a care plan has been decided, nurses will be deployed to the respective homes to deliver the planned care plan. The patient, caregivers and doctors will be updated with the progress of the patient. Once the patient becomes independent, the final step will be to discharge and provide the patient with an appropriate discharge plan to continue the care without the help of a home care nurse.

Healthcare Education & Training
High quality clinical practice standards of the Melorita Healthcare Group are maintained and developed by the group’s education and training facility. Established in 2009, theAsia Pacific Healthcare Academy (APHA) caters to programs for Continuing Professional Development (CPD), which is offered to professionals within the medical, nursing, allied health and healthcare professions.

The programs provided by APHA range from specialist nursing modules, life support training, telemetry and quality improvement and supervisory skills. Mr Armand says, “The core courses, such as physical assessment and cardiac care, are the most popularly enrolled in programs but are really dependent upon the needs and the areas of development that a professional may choose to continue their development in.”

The duration of CPD programs at APHA may be from half a day to three days, states Mr. Armand, adding that the duration is dependent upon the complexity of the subjects. APHA also provides in-house training for nurses who require skills development to enhance their performance within the field. In-house training programs are open to government and private hospitals and the programs selected will be tailored to the needs of the institution. CPD programs are open to locals and international healthcare professionals who are interested in expanding their skills and professional development. Further information regarding CPD programs and registration for APHA may be found on the group’s education and training website.

Melorita Gives Back
Melorita Healthcare Group is frequently engaged in activities to bring cheer and good will to the needy. The group has contributed to events and activities with foundations such as the Persatuan Kanak-Kanak Spastic Wilayah Persekutuan & Selangor and Persatuan Mobility. Said Mr Armand, “The activities or events held may vary between large functions to small group activities.” The group is centred on giving back to the community and is aware of its responsibility to society, he adds. The group is also involved in organizing functions for the nursing community. Nurses’ appreciation nights enables nurses to network and become more involved with the group, said Mr Armand. In conclusion, he adds that the Melorita Healthcare Group is interested in providing a service to the deserving community, to make their dreams come true, and to affirm their awareness in knowing that they are cared for.

With report from Alixyveth Breyel

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